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Legionella Risk Assessment Checklist

Absolute Water compliance Legionella risk assessment's FREE  template is designed to help the responsible person audit the arrangements in place to

control legionella in the water systems at their premises.

Legionella Risk Assessment Checklist 

Free to download, Web friendly Legionella Risk Assessment checklist

A simple and FREE Legionella Risk Assessment Template that can be used by the Legionella- responsible person to assess the premises of a property.

This template can be used by the responsible person on the property as a guide to understand the measures required to control risks from legionella and Legionnaires' disease. For technical instruction, the Health and safety Executives (HSE) guidance on legionella should be reviewed.

The legionella risk assessment checklist takes you through the recommended measures approved by the HSE Health and Safety executives approved code of practice ACOP L8. Allowing a audit on the current procedures. 

By using this Legionella Risk assessment checklist the responsible person will be required to carry out both a physical inspection of the water systems as well as examining the current procedures. 

Identifying the Risks of legionella

The building manager should instruct an experienced individual or organisation to identify the risk of legionella in their building, ensuring that systems are put in place to mitigate the risks of Legionnaires disease.

What is the need for a Legionella Risk Assessment?

In the UK all business have a legal duty to ensure the buildings, facilities and equipment are under their control are safe from legionella growth.

Who is a Legionella responsible person?

It is required that the legionella responsible person should have adequate knowledge and understanding of water management systems in their building. Upon the findings of the Legionella audit the responsible person should have sufficient authority to act upon the findings.

Do you require Further information specialist advise and support?

If you require further information or advice about the legionella control in your business or workplace call us today on 01226491133 or get in touch here.





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