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Legionella Management for Local Authorities

Councils and local authorities must use utmost caution when it comes to water safety on their grounds. Individual councils frequently have a huge number of structures and facilities under their authority that are utilised frequently.

Employees, the general public, kids, and the elderly are at risk when exposed to water that has harmful levels of Legionella. Legionella management for local authorities stops Legionella from growing to dangerous levels unnoticed.

Why is Legionella testing importantant  for local authorities

A premises, building or institution with a  water system has the risk of becoming colonised from legionella bacteria, it is especially a concern in areas where water droplets are formed. It is necessary to manage  Legionella in a number of water systems, including domestic hot & cold water systems, cooling towers, and any other system containing water.

Protection 365 days a year.

Water quality monitoring and maintenance are ongoing processes that don't cease throughout the year. The appropriate safety precautions must be in place.

Local councils must be certain that the water safety contractor they hire is qualified to handle projects of this size, possesses all necessary professional credentials, and can provide the broad range of water compliance services needed.

Here at Absolute Water Compliance, we have over 20 years of experience and have the personnel and expertise to handle all of your Legionella management procedures and coordinate Legionella testing for regional authorities. With real-time access to testing, our monitoring services make keeping track of your compliance simple.

Absolute water compliance pride ourselves on meeting the stringent criteria that local councils and authorities demand. We provide ourselves on operational efficiency and extending service life. 

Do you have a question about legionella testing or water compliance for Local authorities?

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