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Cold water storage tank re-lining

Cold Water
Storage Tank Re-lining

What is water tank lining?

The procedure of adding a protective coating or lining to the interior surface of a water storage tank is referred to as water tank lining. It aids in the prevention of water leaks, corrosion, and pollution.

Is Water tank lining essential?

How do i know if my water tank needs re-lining ?

According to ACoP L8, the responsible person must schedule or undertake frequent inspections of the site water tanks to ensure that they are compliant. Internal erosion, degradation, or rust seen after draining a water tank would suggest that your cold-water storage tank may need to be relined.

Water tank liner is required to keep the tank's structural integrity and the quality of the stored water. It guards against leaks, rust, microbial growth, and chemical reactions that could jeopardise the tank and its contents.

What are the benefits and costing of tank re-lining?

The cost of water tank lining might vary depending on criteria such as tank size, type of lining material used, tank condition, and project complexity. For a precise cost estimate, Contact us today.


Tank relining is a cost effective alternative to a new tank which isn't always required.

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