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Absolute water compliance Gallery and completed projects

Absolute Water compliance provide a wide range of services including Cold water tank cleaning, TMV installation and servicing, Remedial Work and more. On this page you will see some of our work 1st hand with some example of Before/After. 

If you have any questions or wish to book in a service with us... Get in contact here. 

Cold water Tank Cleaning 

The photo shows scale removed from a tank during a tank disinfection and clean.

TMV Installation

TMV's should be placed as close to the outlet as practical to minimise the risk from Legionella. In the below example a TMV from another room 5m away was also supplying the hand basin.

Strainer (TMV servicing)

As per HSG274 part 2 strainers should be cleaned and descaled as part of a Legionella control regime at least annually
TMV servicing
TMV servicing
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