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Water Compliance services and Legionella management for Schools and Educational facilities 

Schools and other educational institutions must exercise caution when it comes to water safety. If exposed to unsafe amounts of Legionella bacteria, young people, visitors, contractors or others may become ill.

Schools have a duty of care to parents who entrust them with their children's safety, and this responsibility must be taken very seriously. Any Legionella outbreak has a negative impact on your students' and staff's health and safety as well as your school's reputation.

Young people in schools tend to be at a higher risk from scalding, which in turn leads to the presence of thermostatic mixer valves at most locations. These valves should be service regularly to ensure that children remain protected from the risk of being scaling. At absolute water compliance, we have over 20 years experience in TMV servicing which means you can rest assured that this risk is managed effectively in your buildings.

Do you have a question about Legionella Testing and Legionella Risk Assessment for Schools? Get in touch with our team and we'll arrange a consultation

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