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Remedial Work

Remedial work is required to aid in the control of legionella Bacteria within a water a water system.

Remedial work is required to aid in the control of legionella Bacteria within a water system.

During a legionella risk assessment it is often identified that some corrective actions may need to be carried out to reasonably reduce the risk from legionella bacteria.
Remedial actions may also be identified when a non-conformace is picked up doing the undertaking of legionella control tasks, adverse sampling results or when a system alteration is made.

Remedial work can include the below:


Remedial work refers to the repair, replacement, or modification of equipment, or water systems that have been identified as unsafe or non-compliant through risk assessment, inspection or monitoring. Conducting remedial work can help to mitigate risks, reduce liability and safeguard employee and customer health and safety. 


Remedial work helps to maintain regulatory compliance and prevent workplace incidents. The cost of non-compliance or accidents can be significant, including fines, legal action, business interruption and reputational damage. Remedial works identify hazardous or non-compliant equipment, provide cost-effective solutions and help to prevent incidents before they occur. 


Remedial work also helps reduce the impact of wear and tear on systems, machinery and buildings, ensuring that they continue to function optimally. By upgrading or repairing equipment when required ensures that your system is operating efficiently and helps to extend the life of equipment. 


By investing in remedial work, your organisation demonstrates your commitment to safety and quality. Implementing corrective measures can improve the morale, productivity and safety of your team, and help to improve the health and safety of your customers, tenants or visitors. 


At absolute water compliance we are able to undertake all remedial work associated with your water system, this includes but is not limited to: 


  • Water Tank re-lining 

  • Water Tank Clean & Disinfection 

  • Water Tank upgrades or replacement 

  • Removal of dead-legs 

  • Hard-piping flexible hoses 

  • Installation of backflow devices 

  • Reconfiguration / replacement of thermostatic mixing valves 

  • Pipe lagging 

  • Balancing of hot water system 

  • Investigation into issues such as low hot water temperature, water discoloration, high sample results 


In conclusion, remedial work is an essential investment for any organization that values health, safety, regulatory compliance, and business continuity. It helps to mitigate risks, prevent accidents and ensure that your systems and equipment operate efficiently. So, don't wait any longer, contact a remedial works service provider today to schedule your first remedial work and ensure a safer and more productive tomorrow. 

What is Remedial Work ?

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