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Absolute Water Compliance knowledge Hub.

Our staff are qualified and experienced. This means you can count on getting the right advice and can rest easily knowing you're compliant. We specialise in interpretation of legionella risk assessment and guidance surrounding legionella control such as ACoP L8. We also provide insightful blogs as well as offering frequently asked questions and providing FREE Legionella Risk Assessment Audit downloads.

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Legionella Risk Assessment Checklist

Absolute Water Compliance Legionella risk assessment FREE audit checklist is designed to help the responsible person audit and control legionella in the water systems at the premesis.



Find out more information on Frequently asked questions, such as;

  • Is it a legal requirement to have a Legionella Risk Assessment?

  • Who is the Legionella responsible person?

  • What is the cost of a Legionella risk assessment?

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