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Legionella risk assessments in facilities managment

Facilities Management -Legionella Maintenance and Water compliance.

Facilities management includes a broad range of both soft and hard services, such as security, cleaning, planned preventative maintenance, and others. These services work together to ensure employee safety and welfare as required by law, as well as to create a more comfortable and secure work environment.

Each building has water systems, such as:

Feeding tanks, calorifiers, taps, toilets, showers, and other outlets for domestic hot and cold water.

Building owners must maintain these systems both mechanically and in terms of water treatment and water cleanliness in order to adhere to current regulations.

Over 20 years experience with Facilities Management

Absolute Water Compliance has over 20 years experience in Facilities management we understand that there are many tasks to complete to strict deadlines. Absolute water compliance are flexible in the range of services we offer to ensure that we can meet the required expectations.

We work across all sectors that require facilities management including;

  • Hospitals and Care Homes 

  • Offices 

  • Residential 

  • Retail premises 

  • Large domestic properties 

  • Government buildings and many more

Our Service

Our staff are qualified and experienced. This means you can count on getting the right advice and can rest easily knowing you're compliant. We specialise in interpretation of legionella risk assessment and guidance surrounding legionella control such as ACoP L8. We can help safeguard health in your Organisation ensuring that legal requirements are met through management of water quality.

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