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Water Compliance and Legionella services for the Hotel and Leisure sector.

Legionnaire's disease is spread through breathing infected water as spray or vapour, not through ingesting contaminated water. To safeguard patrons and the general public from the hazards of Legionella bacteria, hotels, restaurants, spas, and recreation facilities must have a suitable management programme and a Legionella Risk Assessment.

Due to the intimate contact that vapour and spray have with people, spas, showers, saunas, and steam rooms are all deemed to be high risk. Other hazards include large-scale industrial dishwashing and outdoor water features including fountains, sprinklers, irrigation systems, and water tanks.

Hotels, recreation facilities, spas, dining establishments, and other leisure and hospitality-related businesses must prioritise water regulation compliance in their health and safety plans.

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Our staff are qualified and experienced. This means you can count on getting the right advice and can rest easily knowing you're compliant. We specialise in interpretation of legionella risk assessment and guidance surrounding legionella control such as ACoP L8. We can help safeguard health in your Organisation ensuring that legal requirements are met through management of water quality.

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