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Water services and Legionella Management in the Manufacturing Industry

Legionella risk assessments, which include water testing, must be carried out on a regular basis by manufacturers and engineering businesses. 

Legionella is a reasonably foreseeable risk in buildings with hot and cold water systems, cooling systems, water tanks, or other water-containment equipment such as dust suppression systems, vehicle washers, or processes including water.

Absolute Water Compliance that companies understands that in the manufacturing industry there are often complex and bespoke systems requiring unique attention. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with guidance and solutions meaning you can feel safe knowing that the legionella risk is minimised.

Why is Legionella Maintenance and water testing important in the manufacturing industry

Where there is water present Legionella poses a health risk. Water tanks, drinking water are both instances where Legionella testing is needed to regulate legionella bacteria.

Ongoing Maintenance and water regulation compliance

Maintaining water safety is a continuous ongoing continuous process that which need to be assessed by a qualified engineer. Absolute water compliance are able to offer an initial survey which in turn may lead to the recommendation of other services such as Water tank cleaning, or a Legionella control regime.

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