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Water compliance services and Legionella management for Care homes

Some of our society's most vulnerable citizens are housed in care facilities. For individuals who live and work there, they ought to offer a clean and safe atmosphere.

If exposed to Legionella bacteria, the elderly and the sick are some of the persons most prone to contract Legionnaire's disease. Care homes should take legionella management seriously, with routine testing and ongoing monitoring.

Elderly people tend to be at a higher risk from scalding, which in turn leads to the presence of thermostatic mixer valves at most locations. These valves should be serviced regularly to ensure that they remain protected from the risk of being scalded. At absolute water compliance, we have over 20 years experience in TMV servicing which means you can rest assured that this risk is managed effectively in your buildings.

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Here at Absolute Water Compliance we have professional accreditation's and wide range of water compliance services that will ensure that care homes are maintaining the best practice in water compliance.

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