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Absolute water Compliance is a water hygiene service provider with Nationwide coverage we are able to facilitate your needs with qualified Engineers in the Midlands.



With over 20 years’ worth of Industry knowledge. We ensure that we provide the correct guidance and service to make your business compliant in accordance to the H&S act 1974. We provide a wide range of water services including Legionella risk assessments, legionella water testing, remedial works as well as legionella monitoring.

Our aim is to help businesses and organisations stay compliant with complex regulations surrounding water compliance. We aim to help our customers manage their water systems efficiently.

Here are some Frequently asked questions.

What is water testing?

Water testing is the process of taking a sample of water and testing it for various potentially dangerous substances. Water testing is important because it allows building owners and business operators to ensure that their chosen water compliance is fit for purpose, ensure that the that the drinking water at a premises is suitable for drinking purposes and to determine the effectiveness of the current water systems.

What should you test for?

It is possible to test for any of the below, however a good water sampling programme will test for all of the below.

  • Legionella – A bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

  • Pseudomonas – Bacteria that can cause structural damage to corrosion of pipework.

  • Scale, contaminants, corrosion

  • TVC – Gives an overall indication of water quality.

How often should you carry out water testing?

In some cases, waster testing can be carried on out onsite, for example checking the temperature of water can be check with a calibrated temperature thermometer. In the majority of cases, water is required to be removed from the premises to send of to a laboratory for testing. This requires specific conditions and specific timescales and will be carried out by specialist engineer.

When water samples are carried out via a laboratory this is seen as the most accurate measure and can be used to carry out a number for a number of things such as legionella and chemical makeup, Laboratory analysis can also pick up physical and metal parameters.

Absolute water compliance are a company that specialise in water treatment and would be able to carry out such tests.

How often should you carry out water testing?

Water testing is essential in any water treatment programme, and if the current water systems look clean and good, they can be overlooked. Often enough a water treatment programme Is still required to prove that your current programme is appropriate.

Water testing frequency is dependent on the risk factor and can vary from yearly, to monthly to hourly. The results presented in your Legionella risk assessment will alter depending on how often you carry out a risk assessment.

What is Legionella?

Legionella bacteria can be found in both natural water sources and artificial water systems such as hot and cold-water tanks. Legionella is a severe form of pneumonia, an infection that causes inflammation of the small sacs in the Lungs.

Absolute Water compliance are experts in water compliance and can provide a range of turnkey services to ensure that your business is compliant. Get in touch today to see how we can assist your business.

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