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TMV servicing – Why it is vital for schools to remain compliant.

What are TMV’S?

TMVs are essential components of hot water systems in schools, as they regulate the temperature of the hot water and prevent scalding while still providing hot water at a suitable temperature for washing and cleaning. The valves work by mixing hot and cold water to achieve a safe and controlled temperature. However, like any mechanical component, TMVs can become prone to wear and tear over time, leading to possible failure and loss of temperature control.

Why is it crucial that TMV’S are serviced in schools.

The safety and wellbeing of young children is a top priority in schools. One important aspect of safety that must be addressed is the risk of scalding from hot water. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of the hot water system in schools, thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) must be maintained through regular servicing.

Regular TMV servicing is therefore critical to ensure the safety and reliability of the hot water system.

How frequently do TMV’S need servicing?

The frequency of servicing will depend on many factors, such as water usage, water hardness and the age of the system. Most schools opt for an annual TMV service by a qualified plumber or water hygiene specialist, who will check the valves for wear and tear, clean the strainers of debris, and check and adjust the temperature control.

Choosing a reputable company.

The servicing process may also involve testing the TMVs to ensure they are functioning correctly and checking the valve's compliance with guidelines. It is important to choose a reputable company or plumber with experience in TMV servicing, as this will help you to ensure the hot water system is running safely, efficiently and meets the regulatory requirements.

In conclusion, the safety of students and staff in schools is paramount, and this extends to the hot water systems. Regular TMV servicing in schools will help to provide a safe and efficient hot water system that meets the regulatory standards.

It is essential to engage the services of a qualified plumber or water hygiene specialist, who can service the valves correctly, and give advice on the frequency of servicing to keep the hot water system running smoothly. Contact Absolute water compliance to learn how our expert TMV servicing can help you maintain water quality standards. Our experience allows you to be certain that the service is being carried out in line with the correct guidance and you are being given the best advice in keeping your service - users safe from harm. Contact us today for more information or your free, no obligation quote.

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